How to integrate with OS Membership Pro

To integrate Invoice Manager and OS Membership Pro you need to be subscribed to our Extended package.

In this package, you will find a plugin that is used for the integration to work.

Please, proceed to download and install and enable the plugin OS Membership Pro - Invoice Manager

Configure the OS Membership Pro plugin

This plugin is responsible for creating invoices automatically when new orders are placed in OS Membership Pro. If you go to plugin manager in Joomla, you can set if you want to publish the invoices automatically or not.

  • Automatically publish new invoices: Set it to Yes if you want the new invoices that will be created to be automatically published.

To make extra fields of the subscriptions appear correctly on the invoices in Invoice Manager, the field values of the extra field can't contain the character "," (coma) because of the way OS Membership pro stores this fields in the database.