JW Player

The new player for version 1.5 and beyond is JW Player.

This player is one of the most stable flash players on the net, and it solves some issues that previous players (like Keithplayer) had.

VERY IMPORTANT: players for older version won't work on version 1.5, so it's MANDATORY to install the new JW Player.

This player plays MP3, but also AAC, MP4 and FLV files, and thanks to the built-in Youtube Video integration in Music Collection 1.5, it can play YouTube videos too.

Besides of the new plugin, a brand new Module is available:

JW Player MODULE will let you place a player wherever you want in your site, so your users can listen to songs while they are browing your site. And, most of all, they will be able to do it without interruptions when changing the page, because this module includes an option to throw out the player from the main navigation page as a popup window!

Using this module, wich works along with the brand new playlists system, users will be able to load playlists on it on-the-go, add songs to it, etc. And this player not only supports Audio, but Video too: you can have playlists featuring both Audio and Video on the same place.

Click here to know more on the playlists system

Place the module in the position you like, and adjust it's parameters to have the color, size, playlist.. etc you want. There are parameters for the module when it is embedded on the page or when it is showing on the popup

This image shows the player (module) embedded on the page:



By clickin' on the button "Show player in popup" you'll get the player on a new popup window, that will let you keep browsing the site while you're still listening to music:



The new module and playlist (including the button "Add song to playlist" and "Add video to playlist") is a sofisticated software feature, that includes some interesting tricks, like...:

  • if you add a song while another song is playling, the system will wait until the song is ended (or the user stops the player) to load the new song into it, to avoid interrupting the song that it's playing at the moment. So don't worry if the song does not automaticly shows up on the playlist list... the system is just waiting for the best moment to add it.
  • Even if the player is showing on a popup, if you add a song to the current playlist, the system will add the song to the player. In this case, if you changed the window while the player was on the popup, the player won't wait to add the song into the playlist, it wil ldo it at the moment.
  • at any time, you can click on "Refresh playlist" button to reload the playlist with all the new items if some item did not loaded. 
As you see, this player has a lot to do with the new playlists system, so we strongly recommend you to read the article about playlists!!