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Invoice Manager 2 released!

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We have completely redesigned the backend interface to build a faster, sleek, more intuitive and dynamic Invoice Manager.

We are happy to announce the release of Invoice Manager 2.0.0.

We have changed all layouts and rebuilt them using Bootstrap 3, and we have completely changed the way Invoice Manager operates internally. Layouts are now loaded dynamically and all your data is securely loaded in JSON format using AJAX calls to leverage load on the server and make pages load much faster. All happens "in one page" (from filtering your invoices to find the one you're looking for to create or preview invoices), without page reloads. All is dynamically powered by JavaScript in your browser. The user experience increases dramatically with this new approach!

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See what's new:

  • Completely redesigned user interface using Bootstrap 3.
  • Powered by AJAX and JSON. Your browser does the heavy work, the server breathes peacefully.
  • Redesigned dashboard for large screens. If you have a large screen, you will enjoy it even more. Invoice Manager takes advantage of large screens to display both lists of invoices and invoice creation forms in the same page, and also allows for invoice previews. The experience is so sleek you need to see it to believe it!
  • Dynamic, on-page filtering: No need to reload the page. The results will be dynamically filtered as you type
  • Dynamic totals. Totals will also be automatically recalculated any time you do an action
  • Auto-save. There's an option to auto-save an invoice when you're working on it. This way you don't have to worry about loosing any data if you forgot to hit the Save button.
  • Graphics, one step further. If you use Content Statistics along with Invoice Manager, the experience will be as you would expect it. Graphics re-draw themselves dynamically on-page when new things happen in Invoice Manager.
  • Bug fixes and usability improvements

If you're upgrading from an older version of Invoice Manager, please make sure to read some useful tips.

Affiliate Tracker 2.0.0 is here

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We are happy to announce the release of Affiliate Tracker 2.0.0.

We've updated both the component and the system plugin and this version comes with new functionalities you've been requesting.

See what's new:

  • Unified forms for creating a new user and a new affiliate account. When a user wants to sign up to your website and create an affiliate account, he/she will only need to fill up one form and the system will create the new Joomla user and the new affiliate account linked to that user.
  • Different commission values for each plugin. Now, you can set which will be the default commission for each integration plugin and redefine it for each user if necessary instead of having only one commission per user being applied on all plugins.
  • Multi-level or multi-tier affiliates. Only with the extended version, now you can define different levels of affiliates so conversions will be applied taking this into account. This functionality will be the difference between the extended version and the normal version of Affiliate Tracker.
  • New tracking method: Now, you can set the website of each affiliate on its profile and all the visitors comming from there, will be tracked
  • Marketing material. With this new functionality, the manager or the admin can create banners from the administrator and the affiliates will be able to preview them and place them to their websites.
  • And other bugs and usability improvements

We've created some documentation articles explaining these new functionalities here

Note that you will need to update the component, the system plugin and each integration plugin you have installed on the system to get all these new functionalites.

Invoice Manager 1.4.9 released

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We are happy to announce the release of Invoice Manager 1.4.9.

This release fixes a small issue that could appear in the frontend in very limited occasions.

Invoice Manager 1.4.8 released

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We are happy to announce the release of Invoice Manager 1.4.8.

This release fixes a small issue related to the "due date" input field in the invoice creation form that could give problems in Joomla 3.4.5.

Stripe payments for Affiliate Tracker released

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We are happy to announce a new plugin for Affiliate Tracker that will allow to pay your affiliates using Stripe.

This release is available to all our Affiliate Tracker users.

Affiliate Tracker 1.1.0 released

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We are happy to announce the release of Affiliate Tracker 1.1.0.

We've updated both the component and the system plugin.

This new version includes:

  • The possibility of having a referral word in the affiliate links instead of the affiliate id.
  • An optional information box about the version of the component in order to be notified when a new version is available.

You can find more information about the referral word here

Invoice Manager 1.4.7 released

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We are happy to announce the release of Invoice Manager 1.4.7

This version improved the backend MySQL queries to make them more efficient and help load pages faster.

It also includes a new version checker system that will allow you to know automatically if you're running the latest Invoice Manager version or there are new versions available.

This update is available for Joomla 3.x series only.

Expense Manager 3.0.0 released

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We are happy to announce the release of version 3.0.0 of our Expense Manager component.

This upgrade comes with a lot of visual and performance upgrades and new functionalities.

Note that we've finally considered Joomla! 2.5 deprecated for Expense Manager and this version will only work on Joomla! 3.x. Nevertheless Joomla! 2.5 users will still able to download the previous version of Expense Manager.

Main updates:

  • AJAX-powered. Items are now retrieved from the server in a fastest way improving the performance of the system. The user won't need to reload the page when using the component's every day actions.
  • Asynchronous filter search. Start typing to instantly retrieve the items that match your request.
  • Completely new design. We've redesigned the whole component to provide a better user experience. Users will love working with Expense Manager
  • Infinite scroll. Just scroll down to load more items.
  • Choose your prefered Bootstrap versioin. We've created 2 different layouts in order to fit in your system style.
  • Version checker. Be aware about if you are running the latest version of Expense Manager by looking at the backend's system information box.
  • Better item suggestions.
  • And more...

EasySocial App

You can find all the information in the Expense Manager page

OS Membership Pro - Invoice Manager - v. 1.2.3 released

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We've just released version 1.2.3 of our OS Membership Pro - Invoice Manager integration plugin.

This release fixes a problem related to the payment status of the invoices created. Some invoices were marked as paid when they were still pending.

Invoice Manager 1.4.6 released

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We are happy to announce the release of Invoice Manager 1.4.6. This release fixes a small bug that may cause the payment emails to not be sent in the correct langauge.