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(c. berry)

I bought a brand new airmobile
It was custom made
It was a flight deville
With an outboard motor
And some hideaway wings
Push in on the button and you can hear her sing
Now you cant catch me
No, baby, you cant catch me
cause if you get too close
You know Im gone like a cool breeze

New jersey turnpike in the wee wee hours
I was rolling slowly cause of drizzlin showers
Up come a flattop he was movin up with me
Then come sailin goodbye
In a little old suped up mini
I put my foot in my tank and I begin to roll
Moanin sirens, was the state patrol
So I get out my wings and then I blew my horn
Bye-bye new jersey I become airborne

Now you cant catch me
No, baby you cant catch me
cause if you get too close
You know Im gone like a cool breeze

Flyin with my baby last saturday night
Wasnt no gray cloud floatin in sight
Big full moon shinin up above
Cuddle up honey be my love
Sweetest little thing that I ever seen
Im gonna name you mabelline
Flyin with all the things set on flight control
Radio tuned to rock n roll
Two, three hours passin by
Altitude dropped to 505
Fuel consumption way too fast
Lets get on home before we run out of gas

Now you cant catch me
No baby, you cant catch me
cause if you get too close
You know Im gone like a cool breeze

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